Canadian Unfolded Commemorative Booklet Strips and Panes

Updated: November 27, 2010

These se-tenant strips of 5 different stamps were torn from complete unfolded booklet panes without covers, which were supplied to the Philatelic Centre in Nova Scotia. They were probably supplied this way for ease in tearing into strips and inserting into souvenir collections. They are known only to originate from the annual "Collection Canada" album, and the quarterly packets supplied to young collectors through the "Stamp Travellers" club. They may also have been inserted into the quarterly packaged sets sold by mail and at some philatelic counters. I have never purchased any, so perhaps someone can help confirm this. Strips listed as "known" are what I have in my collection or other collectors have reported them. All the others listed below must exist, and I would appreciate any confirmation. It should be noted that all perforated margins were removed from the strips before inserting them in the packs that came with the collections, and that full panes have yet to turn up in unfolded condition.

Issue Notes Date Strip Type Unitrade Numbers (Left to Right in Strip) Known
Gardens (2) 91-05-22 Imperf. top 1311-1312-1313-1314-1315 X
Imperf. bottom 1311-1312-1313-1314-1315 X
Rivers 1 (2)(4) 91-08-20 Perf. all around 1321-1322-1323-1324-1325 (twice horizontally) X
Olympics-Win (1) 92-02-07 Perf. all around 1401-1402-1403-1400-1399 X
Perf. all around 1399-1400-1401-1402-1403 X
Rivers 2 (1) 92-04-22 Imperf. top 1408-1409-1410-1411-1412 X
Imperf. bottom 1408-1409-1410-1411-1412   X
Olympics-Sum (1) 92-06-15 Perf. all around 1414-1415-1416-1417-1418 X
Perf. all around 1416-1417-1418-1415-1414 X
Minerals (1) 92-09-21 Perf. all around 1436-1437-1438-1439-1440 (top & bottom) X
Textiles (1)(3) 93-04-30 Imperf. top 1465-1462-1463-1464-1461 X
Imperf. bottom 1461-1464-1465-1462-1463 X
Hotels   93-06-14 Imperf. top 1467-1468-1469-1470-1471 X
Imperf. bottom 1467-1468-1469-1470-1471 X
Rivers 3 (4) 93-08-10 Perf. all around 1485-1486-1487-1488-1489 (twice horizontally) X
Rivers 4 (1) 94-04-22 Imperf. top 1511-1512-1513-1514-1515 X
Imperf. bottom 1511-1512-1513-1514-1515 X
Louisbourg   95-05-05 Perf. all around 1547-1548-1549-1550-1551 (top & bottom) X
Golf   95-06-06 Imperf. top 1553-1554-1555-1556-1557 X
Imperf. bottom 1555-1556-1557-1554-1553 X
Arctic   95-09-15 Perf. all around 1574-1575-1576-1577-1578 X
Perf. all around 1576-1577-1578-1574-1575 X
Superheroes   (8) 95-10-02 Perf. all around 1579-1580-1581-1582-1583 X
Perf. all around 1581-1582-1583-1580-1579 X
Olympics   96-08-08 Perf. all around 1608-1609-1610-1611-1612 X
Perf. all around 1610-1611-1612-1609-1608 X
Authors   96-10-10 Imperf. top 1622-1623-1624-1625-1626 X
Imperf. bottom 1622-1623-1624-1625-1626 X
Fishing Flies   (6) 98-04-16 Top half inc. margins Orange-Bee-Montreal-Amherst-Blue-Cosseboom X
Bot. half inc. margins Orange-Bee-Montreal-Amherst-Blue-Cosseboom X


Complete Panes Unfolded          
Issue Notes Date Pane Type Unitrade Numbers Known
Superheroes (8) 95-10-02 Perf. all around pane of 10
(2 x 5 designs)
As strip of 5 above X
Hockey Series of the Century (5) 97-09-28 Perf. all around pane of 10
(2 designs x 5)
1660ai X
Canals (7) 98-06-17 Left side, inc. margins 1725-1726-1727-1728-1729 X
Right side, inc. margins 1730-1731-1732-1733-1734 X
Fresh Waters of Canada 55c   00-05-23 5 different with gutter New X
Fresh Waters of Canada 95c   00-05-23 5 different with gutter New X





  1. Despite being supplied unfolded with the kit, these strips of 5 had to be torn into strips of 3 and 2 to properly fit into the mounts of Collections Canada album. The Traveller Album was fitted with a mount that holds the continuous strip.
  2. These strips came folded in the Traveller kit, but unfolded in the Collections Canada kit.
  3. Unitrade does not number these stamps in the order that they appear at the top or bottom of the panes.
  4. As these are strips of 10 with 2 of each value, other combinations may exist, but would be extremely unlikely. The most economical method of separation would be to tear the pane in half, creating two identical strips of five.
  5. This hockey pane comes complete with margins all around, and has full gum on the back. As described by Canada Post, it "has been overprinted with a unique cancellation which includes Paul Henderson's autograph." This large marking is printed sideways over the complete pane. The question is whether it is an overprint, or is it a cancel? It cannot be both, as described by Canada Post. The pane comes inside a special folder, and is included with the "Series of the Century" gift set sold at postal outlets. Included with it is a commemorative sweatshirt, puck and a limited edition print. Retail is $39.95. It is only available with this package.
  6. The Fishing flies from the quarterly pack  were are the first unfolded strips to include the full margins. The bottom half is normally glued to the booklet cover, but the unfolded version is completely clean, without glue. The stamps included with the annual Collection Canada do not have the margins. Scott numbers are not known yet, so the name of the fly is given in their place.
  7. The Canals "unfolded" pane from the quarterly pack consists of the complete pane, including margins, unglued, and a single fold down the centre of the pane. The folding in the actual booklet occurs after the fourth and seventh stamps. The stamps included with the annual Collection Canada do not have the margins.
  8. The complete unfolded, unglued pane of the Superheroes set was put in the Canada Post quarterly packages. The upper and lower strips without the margins came from the Travellers kit and the Collection Canada album.

Note: In the March/April 1998 edition of Canada's Stamp Details, Canada Post has issued the following statement regarding the hockey pane:

We've received several questions from collectors regarding the Series of the Century stamp issue and the stamp pane that was included in the Gift Box Set. This pane of stamps was cancelled, not overprinted, and is not valid for postage. The stamp pane, in this format, was only available in the Gift Box Set.

Some collectors and dealers still insist calling the inscriptions and overprint, as the sheet has complete original gum. After all, Canada Post has never before issued such a "Cancelled to Order" item. Regardless, it is a unusual, and the unfolded version is only available with the special inscription. The Gift Box Set has long sold out, and only 15,000 sheets were produced.

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