December 19, 2000: BRC Press Release #8

OTTAWA - Canada Post would like to remind customers of the new domestic, international and U.S.A. postal rates that will take effect January 1, 2001. 

The corporation announced July 1st that an increase in the domestic basic letter rate, the first in two years, will take place January 1st, raising the price of a stamp by one cent to 47 cents. Under the price-cap formula, the domestic basic lettermail rate cannot exceed 66.67 per cent of inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index. Even at the new rate, Canadians will still enjoy the second lowest domestic letter rate in the industrialized world. 

Postal rates for International and USA destinations will also increase effective January 1st. International rates will rise 10 cents to $1.05 and mail to the United States will increase by 5 cents. The rate to the U.S. will remain significantly less than the rate the U.S. postal service charges on basic letters addressed to Canada. It will cost 60 cents to mail a letter from Canada to the U.S. compared to 82 cents to mail a letter to Canada from the States. 

Canada Post will still be charging far less for mail going from Canada to international destinations than other countries charge to send mail here. A 20-gram letter sent to Canada from Australia or Japan costs $1.44. The same letter from Britain costs $1.49 and $2.43 from Germany. 

This is the first increase in regulated postal rates in two years and the new rates reflect changes in the cost to Canada Post of providing these services.

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