45c Self-Adhesive Coil Turns up Rouletted

1999-01-06: BRC Press Release #5

45croulette.jpg (10368 bytes)The 45c self-adhesive coil issued on September 30, 1998 exists with the peelable backing paper rouletted 9.5 rather than the standard imperforate backing. Stamps found in this format have surfaced from the 1998 annual Collection Canada album and the fourth quarter pre-packaged mint single stamp set. A call placed to the Philatelic Centre in Antigonish indicated that they were unaware of this variety and could not offer it for sale in single stamps or joined multiples.

It would appear that these special rolls were produced specifically for inserting into the special pre-package collections. The rouletted format allows the stamps to be separated easily and quickly, rather than cut apart clumsily with scissors. One must remember that Canada Post has produced special editions of other stamps for the same purpose. For eight years now, most commemorative booklet panes have produced without the cover and in an unfolded format. Most of these exist in torn-apart strips only, which were inserted into the packets. They are distinguished from the standard booklet panes by the lack of fold line along the perforations. Also, the 45c Greet-More stamps were produced die-cut-to shape for these packets.

As both collectors' sets mentioned above contain single stamps only, it will be very interesting to see if multiples do turn up. They could command a considerable premium if they do exist. Right now, the cheapest method to obtain a single stamp is to purchase the 4th quarter packet, as it costs only $8.47, while the annual collection costs $46.97. Hopefully more information on this stamp will be available soon.

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