New Definitives

1998-09-19: BRC Press Release #3

ms-02.gif (14170 bytes)Three new definitive stamps are to be released by Canada Post during the months of September and October. One is a self-adhesive coil stamp, while the other two belong to the high-value mammals series.

The self-adhesive coils are a first for Canada, and will be placed on sale September 30, 1998. The 45c value implements the same stylized maple leaf that was used for the Automated Teller Machine stamp released earlier in the year. Unlike the ATM stamps, the coils have simulated perforations on all four sides. Canada Post refers to them as "Simili Perf". The stamps are sold in boxes that contain single rolls of 100 stamps.

The two new high-value stamps follow the footsteps of the $8 Grizzly stamp, combining steel engraving and lithography to produce very attractive stamps. The $1 stamp portrays a loon, the $2 a polar bear. Both these animals are also depicted on Canada's $1 and $2 coins, often called the "loonie" and the "twoonie". The stamps measure 48 x 40 mm, which is smaller than the 64 x 49 mm used for the Grizzly. The Grizzly, issued in 1997, is the largest Canadian postage stamp.

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