Silver Becomes Gold: Vancouver 2010 Overprint Colour Error
February 5, 2011

The Canadian Vancouver 2010 Sports souvenir sheet issued with a silver overprint has now turned up with a gold overprint, no doubt a major error.

The original sheet, issued on January 12, 2009 was later overprinted, and at first was sold only in stamp and coin combination "Collector Set" for $49.95, first place on sale June 15, 2009. A bronze set was also issued, followed by a gold set in early 2010. Also in early 2010, the sheet was sold, along with the two others, in a souvenir pack for the face value of the three.

The Olympic mascot and logos sheet had the bronze overprint, the sports sheet had the silver overprint and the city views sheet had the gold overprint.

The error was first shown on the popular internet stamp collectors forum, Stamp Community Family. A member, "toranaga" has reported it and is so far the only one known.

"Toranaga" says he purchased the sheet on Ebay in late 2009, before the souvenir packs were issued, which indicates it came from the "Collector Set" with the coin. The listing of the sheet on Ebay did not indicate the colour error.

So far this sheet is the only one reported, but more must exist, although it is unknown how many souvenir sheets were in the press sheet.

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Vancouver 2010 Overprint Error

Sheet with Gold error and the normal Silver overprint above it.



Olympic Silver

Normal Silver overprint

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