Marine Mammals Booklet Serial No. 000001 Found
November 16 , 2010

Updated Nov 29, 2010

Serial number 000001 has been found for the Marine Mammals booklet issued by Canada Post on May 10, 2010.

Since these stamps were issued, collectors across the country have been searching for various varieties and variety combinations that have occurred due to the stamps having been printed in Sweden. The booklet was a joint issue with Sweden, and such varieties are normal for Sweden, but not Canada.

The serial numbers were printed on one out of ten booklets, starting, it was presumed, at 000001 and going up to somewhere past 099900.

Booklet 000001 has been reported by Gilbert Grenier, who says it was found by a friend in Beauport, Quebec. The booklet also has a blue cylinder 2 marking.

Below are two images sent by Gilbert.

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2010 Canada Marine Booklet

2010 Canada Marine Booklet


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