Canada Post issues definitive "uncut press panel"
October 2 , 2010

Stamp press sheetThe October-December 2010 edition of Canada Post's philatelic Details magazine announced they had placed on sale their "first lithographic uncut press panel." The exact date of issue is not given.

The stamp is the P (permanent) issue of January 11, 2010, which was issued in rolls of 100, separated by die cut serpentine perforations.

According to Details, it was created from the master coil during the production process, tagged and perforated like the regularly issued stamp, but has not been cut vertically into individual coils.

The sheet is being sold for face value, which is $57.00 plus tax. However, there is a limit of 5 per customer. The initial print run is stated to be 1,500, so this may mean more will be printed.

Several interesting collectable varieties can be created as the result of release of this sheet.

  • There are two inscription blocks per sheet, in the lower left and lower right positions, which are imperforated vertically
  • Imperforated pairs with inscriptions at the bottom
  • Imperforate pairs without inscriptions
  • Imperforated strips of 4 with inscriptions at the bottom
  • Imperforated strips of 4 without inscriptions

These stamps are the first intentionally issued imperforated between since the 1942 war issue. However, those stamps, and earlier ones, were not made available to the general public at the time.

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