Grizzly Souvenir Card

1998-04-18: BRC Press Release #1

After the end of the postal strike in December 1997, A special souvenir folder with the 8$ Grizzly Bear stamp was sent by Canada Post to some of its commercial clientele across the country. This of course would be mainly those who use the Priority Post system, and large bulk mailing houses. This card was not made available to collectors by Canada Post in any way, and is very difficult to locate. It would be interesting to know how many were produced and distributed. Thanks to Bruno Lachance of St-Jean-Chrysostome in Quebec, I was made aware of the card, and even able to acquire one. The card, when fully opened, measures 95mm high by 345mm wide. The three panels, when folded in the "z" format, measure 95mm x 115mm. The centre panel has the Grizzly stamp affixed, with a special cancel dated "Nov/Dec 1998".

This is not the first time that Canada Post has produced desirable philatelic items on a limited basis. Others include a special cover with the 1981 Canada Day map set for the incorporation of Canada Post, the 1984 opening of the National Philatelic Centre in Nova Scotia, the 1991 McDonalds Stamp Day game folders, and the 1993 Stamp Travellers Christmas Card. I am sure other cards and covers exist. These will be examined at a later date at this web site.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has more information on the Grizzly card or any other limited souvenir items produced by Canada Post.

Brian Cannon

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