Vancouver 2010 Overprinted Sheets Available in Souvenir Packs
Feb 11, 2010

The Spring 2010 edition of Collections of Canada has announced a couple of interesting products.

The first is a Souvenir Pack containing the three overprinted Vancouver 2010 Bronze, Silver and Gold souvenir sheets.

These sheets were originally only available in the stamp and coin combination "Collector Sets" announced in the Summer 2009 edition of Collections of Canada (Bronze and Silver) and the January to March 2010 edition of Details (Gold), available for $49.95 each. The latter publication listed the quantities available as 16,000 per each set.

It is unclear if the sheets in the souvenir pack are included in the 16,000, or if they are an additional printing. The pack is shown on page 2 (the inside cover) and has a product code 341816. There is a limit of two packs per customer, which I was able to order by phone. However, checking on CPC's website and punching in the product code, it could not be found. [checked last on Feb 20, 2010].

The next item is what CPC calls a "Montreal Canadiens Lenticular Souvenir Sheet Enlargement". It is shown on page 13 and is indicated as having a size of 43.18cm x 33.02cm ("17 x 10"). It does not indicate whether the stamps are valid for postage! The price is $74.99 and the product number is 341810, and again, like the overprinted Olympic souvenir sheets, it does not appear to be available online. Quantities are stated as limited.


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