Vancouver 2010 Commemorative Coin/Stamp Sets Deliver Scarce Olympic Overprints
June 30, 2009

Updated: Feb 11,2010

The Canada Post web site announced that there were 16,000 of each of these sets available. [Accessed Feb 11, 2009]

The Summer 2009 edition of Collections, the quarterly philatelic publication of Canada Post Corporation has a suprise for collectors - new overprints on the two Vancouver 2010 Olympic souvenir sheets issued earlier in 2009.

On page 14 of Collections, under the headlines "Deliver the Pride" and "Show Your Spirit", two different display cased collections are available for sale at $49.95 each; one is called the Vancouver 2010 Bronze Collectors set, the other the Vancouver 2010 Silver Collectors Set. The first day of issue is listed as June 15, 2009.

Canada Post calls these sets "limited editions", but does not state the quantity issued. The Bronze Set includes three previously issued coloured 50c coins featuring the three different Vancouver 2010 Olympic Mascots, two lapel pins, and the Olympic Mascots and Emblems souvenir sheet originally issued on February 12, 2009. However, the sheet has been over printed "Vancouver 2010" on the top in bronze. The Silver Set includes five previously issued coloured 25c coins featuring different sports of the winter olympics, two lapel pins, and the Olympic sports souvenir sheet originally issued January 12, 2009. The souvenir sheet is overprinted "Vancouver 2010" on the top in silver ink.

This creates two more varieties of the Olympic definitive souvenir sheets, which appear to be unavailable for sale as individual units. The last time this happened was in 1997, when Canada Post produced a special commemorative package for the 25th anniversary of the 1972 Canada-Russia Summit Hockey Series, which included a sweatshirt, among several items, and an special overprinted souvenir sheet of stamps that were also issued regularly at post offices in booklet format, without the overprint. The sheet was only available with the package. This sheet now catalogues at $100.00, while the boxed set sold for $39.95.

With the Olympics being an extremely popular topic, it remains to be seen how many collectors will be willing to pay close to $100 to acquire the two souvenir sheets.

The two sheets are illustrated below, as appearing in Collections.


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