Canadian Bank Note Company uses own product on
Picture Postage mailings

February 22, 2010 (updated) from Feb 28, 2005

A winter and summer stamp and postmark are in use, as per the following image
[Updated Feb. 22, 2010] :

Canada Picture Postage Stamps

Picture Postage Sunflower

A "Maple Leaf in the Fall" design is now being used on the envelope mailed housing Picture Postage orders from the Canadian Bank Note Company, along with a new cancel. The date as shown below, October 1, 2007 is the first I have seen, but others may exist. These stamps have the tagging variety that includes the hidden date in the tagging. The last date seen for the Lily issue is April 27, 2007. As the previous Lilly issue, the stamps are not available for sale, so mint copies do not exist.

Picture Postage Fall CBNC

March 05, 2005

The Canadian Banknote Company is now using there own version of Picture Postage on mailings to customers.

A recent order for customized Picture Postage stamps was enclosed in a letter sized envelope, posted with two stamps depicting a lily, utilizing the ribbon frame design. They were cancelled with a pictorial flower cancel and a bee, and dated 2005-3-31. These stamps, illustrated below, are not available for sale from Canada Post or the Canadian Banknote Company.

Picture Postage Lily

Previously, the regularly issued Canada Post Maple Leaf issue had been used, with a special Picture Postage circular cancel, illustrated below.  American customers have reported that plain meter stamps in the value of $2.90 have been used Picture Postage stamps mailed to them.

Picture Postage

Canadian Stamps

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