Another new PCF Postage Paid Indicia
March 28, 2005 (updated)

Yet another "postage paid" indicia has turned up  on some of the previously issued Postcard Factory (PCF) prepaid postal cards.

This indicia depicts a Canadian flag design, based on a 5c commemorative stamp issued in 1965.

This indicia was also used on a special prepaid postal card that was part of a 2003 Canada Day "Canada Can" package, that also included a small flag, and a T-shirt with the stamp design on it.

Now four of the borderless Toronto PCF cards, originally placed on sale in 2002 with the "Flag and skyscraper" design, have appeared with this new indicia. A Calgary collector, Georg Gerlach, picked up the following at the Toronto airport:

T196 260127    Toronto's skyline at twilight
T197 260128    Aerial of Toronto
T198 260129    Aerial of Toronto
T199 260139    Skyline of Toronto

Many more cards may be out there. Please report new finds to me at: or

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