2004-05 Picture Postage Issues Produce Varieties
November 26, 2009 (updated) from Feb 28, 2005

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In late 2004 Canada Post re-designed it's Picture Postage stamps. In the latest version, after the order by the customer is placed, Picture Postage comes ready to use. Earlier versions of the product came in two parts, with a separate personalized sticker that the customer affixed inside the pre-printed blank stamp frame. But customers who order Picture Postage today will receive a sheet of complete individual stamps, with their photograph already printed on the stamps within the frames.

Customer ordered Picture Postage, photo printed on the stamp    

As part of the 2004 Picture Postage re-launch, a special collector edition featuring the Canadian maple leaf was placed on sale October 8, 2004, in a keepsake sheet format in two frame designs at the domestic rate (non-denominated). These are available by mail order from the National Philatelic Centre, and at some major philatelic centres across Canada.

Left: Customer ordered Picture Postage, photo printed on the stamp    


Singles of two new frame designs with Maple Leaf, cut from separate panes of 20

Singles die-cut-to-shape through backing

The two frame designs were issued in there own panes of 20 self-adhesive stamps, with a "keep-sake" souvenir sheet of one above it, separable by tearing off the rouletted portion. The single stamp is a fully die-cut, tagged stamp.

Both Maple Leaf stamps were also produce as die-cut-to-shape singles, right through the backing, which were placed in the 2004 4th quarter mint collection sold by Canada Post, and the 2004 Collection Canada album. These in there own right are unique collectables, and are both a lighter shade than the original printing.

The customer ordered stamps come in the same pane format, or in panes of 40 stamps, without the attached souvenir sheet.

The interesting aspect of this issue is the tagging. The two Maple Leaf stamps have 4 sided tagging shaped to the outer white or gray frame of the stamps.

However, the customer-ordered stamps have an additional hidden date just below the upper left portion of the tagging! Shown below is the tagging on the "Photo Album" design. The "Ribbon" design is similar, except the date is lower, falling in the white space between the ribbon and the image.


Left: Maple Leaf tagging; Right: Customer ordered tagging

The basic details of the Picture Postage stamps are as follows:

Face value: 50c, non-denominated but inscribed "Domestic Postage Paid"
Design: Steven Spazuk, Jean-François Renaud
Dimensions: Stamp: 40 mm x 32 mm (horizontal)
Pane: 279 mm x 216 mm, 20 stamps plus "keepsake" sheet of 1
         Customer ordered stamps also available in sheets of 40
Gum Type: Pressure sensitive
Paper Type: Tullis Russell Coatings
Perforations: Kiss cut, 12.7 x 13
Photography: Adrien Duey
Printer: Canadian Bank Note
Printing Process:
Lithography in 6 colours
Tagging: General, 4 sides

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