PCF Maple Leaf Update #3
January 23, 2005

PCF prepaid cards with the Maple Leaf postage paid indicia continue to be reported. According to Robert Lemire, Earle Covert and Andrew Cheung, the following additional cards have turned up:

  • C009V, C014, C085, C097, C108, C124, C177, C180
  • CR191, CR222, CR284V
  • CST7014
  • G038V
  • ONT042
  • Q028
  • RCMP-C074V, RCMP-C104V
  • SASK002

These include cards from the original series with the white borders, the 2001 borderless series, and the 2004 borderless series. The latter papears to have had a very short life with the Flag indicia.

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