Number of PCF's with maple leaf indicia continues to grow
January 9, 2005

More PCF prepaid cards with the Maple Leaf postage paid indicia have turned up. All known cards are listed below in there "series" category":

2004 New Series (borderless)

  • VAN 180 Vancouver skyline  (added Jan 14/05)
  • VAN 182 Vancouver - Canada Place
  • CR 284V Canadian Rockies - Maligne Canyon
  • CY 96 Calgary skyline

2001-2004 Cards (borderless)

  • VAN 060V Capilano Suspension Bridge
  • VAN 086V Vancouver - Gastown Clock
  • VAN 530 Vancouver skyline, daytime

1997-2004 Cards (with borders)

  • C092 Black Bear
  • C096V Chipmunk

All the above cards were previously issued with the "Flag and Building" indicia, with the exception of VAN 086V, the Gastown Clock card. This card has only been seen with the "Maple Leaf" indicia.

Thanks to Georg Gerlach for providing some of the information above.

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