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Canada Post Honoured the winning Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics bid with the issuance of the current 48c flag definitive inscribed "Vancouver 2010" on July 11, 2003.  A total of three million definitive flag stamps, have been printed with this special inscription. Canada Post calls the inscription an "over-print", however, careful examination seems to indicate that the text was added to the red printing cylinder during a new printing run of the booklets.

The front cover of the booklet is also inscribed "Vancouver 2010". The booklets consist of a pane of 30 stamps, separable into panes of 10 stamps, by vertical roulettes.

A total of 100, 000 booklets were printed, for a total of 3 million stamps. Canada Post says that the stamps were available at "major post offices across Canada". A survey of post offices in the Vancouver area indicated that only small quantities were received by most, and many were sold out within a week. No further supplies were expected. Canada Post also announced that the booklets were available through their website, but as of August 10, there was nothing posted about them.

Front of Vancouver 2010 Olympic Booklet

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