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Updated: August 20, 2011
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Picture Postage Stamp Personalized postage stamps were introduced to Canadian consumers on April 28th, 2000. The new product, called Picture Postage, was made available through Canada Post retail outlets. These stamps replaced the previous "winged" customizable Greetings stamps, on sale between 1994 and 2000.

Various frame designs have been used, and two different methods for applying the centre image.


Custom Image Applied as Separate Label:

*46c Gold Frame Design With Labels [2000-APR-28]

*46c Christmas Frame Design With Labels [2000-OCT-05]

*47c Five Different Frame Designs With Labels [2000-DEC-28]

*[47c] Domestic Rate, Five Different Frame Designs With Labels [2001-SEP-21]

*[48c] Toronto Maple Leafs 75th Anniversary [2002-JAN-12]


Custom Image Printed Directly on the Stamp

*[$1.25] International Rate Alaskan Cruise Issue [2003-JUL-19]

*[49c] Domestic Rate "Write Me Ring Me" Issue [2004-JUN-01]

*[50c] Domestic Rate, Two Frame Designs, Direct Printing of the Centre [2004-OCT-08]

*Canadian Bank Note Special Issues [2005 and up]

*Canada Post Freestyle Ski Association Sponsorship [2007-?]

*BRCstamps.com Picture Postage Issues

*Privately Designed Picture Postage Stamps [2004 and up]

*Canada Post Commemorative Envelopes with Picture Postage Design [2006 and up]

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Note: The postal values given in brackets for the non-denominated stamps are the values on the date of issue. They are still valid for postage at the current domestic rate, which is 59c.

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