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Updated: February 19, 2011
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Canadian Bank Note Special Issues

The Canadian Banknote Company initially sent out new style Picture Postage stamp orders to Canadian customers in envelopes with the regularly issued Canada Post Maple Leaf issue, with a special circular cancel, as illustrated below. Some American customers have reported that plain meter stamps were used on orders mailed to them.

Picture Postage

Since spring in 2005, Canadian Bank Note began using their own version of Picture Postage on mailings to customers. The stamps depict flora of the four different seasons. The appropriate stamps were applied to match which ever season the orders were mailed out. From 2005 to 2009, the ribbon stamp design was used.

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  Canada Picture Postage CBN 01
Spring: Iris
Canada Picture Postage CBN 03
Autumn: Maple Leaf
Canada Picture Postage CBN 02
Summer: Sunflower
Canada Picture Postage CBN 05
Winter: Maple Tree

In early 2010 (February) the winter Picture Postage stamp used by CBN began to appear with the picture frame style border, followed by the spring design in late March, the summer design in June, and the autumn design thn September.

  Canada Picture Postagestamp  CBN 05
Canada Picture Postagestamp  CBN 06
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These stamps were not placed on sale, so they do not exist in mint condition.

Each season stamp has a matching pictorial cancel, wich includes a small animal or insect in the upper right corner.

Picture Postage Lily
Spring: Irises and Bee cancel

Picture Postage Sunflower
Summer: Sunflowers and butterfly cancel

Picture Postage Fall CBNC
Autumn: Maple tree and bird cancel

Canada Picture Postage Stamps
Winter: Maple tree and owl cancel


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