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1998 Maple Leafs
Updated: March 16, 2012
The self-adhesive maple leaf design was inaugurated with the issuance of Canada's first Automated Teller Machine (ATM) stamp on April 14, 1998. This was followed by a self adhesive coil stamp of the same design, released on Sept 30, 1998. The design was produced by the firm of Grottschalk + Ash International. While the coil stamps were printed in Canada, the ATM stamps were the first Canadian stamps in over 100 years to be printed in the United States. The first perforated sheet stamps followed in December 1998 to coincide with new postal rates.

Rouletted backing
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No. Value Perforation Tagging Paper Printer Format Issued Unitrade
Self-Adhesive ATM Sheet Stamps, Red, Green and Gold
1 45c Die-cut perforations None V AV S18 98-04-14 1714
2 46c Die-cut perforations None V AV S18 98-12-28 1706
Self-Adhesive Coil Stamps, Red, and Green with Gold Foil Stamping
3 45c Die-cut 13x13 Imperf backing GT-4 J AP R100 98-09-30 1714B
4 45c Die-cut 13x13 Rouletted 9.5 backing GT-4 J AP R100 98-09-? 1714Bii
Perforated Sheet Stamps
5 55c 13 x 13.5 GT-4 C AP S50,B5 98-12-28 1692
6 73c 13 x 13.5 GT-4 C AP S50 98-12-28 1693
7 95c 13 x 13.5 GT-4 C AP S50,B5 98-12-28 1694

Notes and Identification Characteristics. See Abbreviations for Tagging, Paper, Printer and Format types.
  1. MS-03b is known only as loose singles, from the 1998 Annual Collection.
  2. A single large screen appears to have been used for the background on all stamps in this series. This makes the dot formation different on many, and perhaps all of stamps in each sheet. All single stamps may be able to be plated. See magnification below.

Screen varieties from same sheet, 95c stamp, upper right corner