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2007-08 Rate Definitives
Updated: March 13, 2012

Constant varieties?
Two stamps in the same booklet appear to have interesting constant varieties. Ogopogo, the legendary monster of Lake Okanagan in British Columbia appears to have gone east and has turned up off the coast of Sombrero Island in Nova Scotia. A clear pink long-necked creature can be seen poking through the water. This appears on the first stamp in the first row of the booklet

The second variety appears on the fifth stamp of the same row, on the BC stamp, and consists of pale blue graffiti covering most of the left wall of the house.

Are these varieties constant? It remains to be seen. They were found on all the remaining booklets from a single batch in the Aldergrove, B.C. post office.

If anyone else has seen these varieties, please contact me.

Nova Scotia and BC
lighthouse stamps
NS stamp: Normal NS stamp: Ogopogo lake monster variety (pink)
Above the micro-text "Sambro Island NS"
BC stamp: Normal BC stamp: Blue graffiti on left wall