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GEIC005GEIC006GEIC007Mult crown block wmk

King Edward VII Watermark: Multiple Crown Block CA
Stamps of Fiji overprinted Paper: Plain or Chalky
Gilbert & Ellice /Protectorate Perforation: 14 x 14
1911 Jan 1:  
No. Value   Description Scott SG
D1 ½d   Green, Plain [Black overprint] 1 1
D2 1d   Red, Plain [Black] 2 2
    a) Pair, one without overprint 2a -
D3 2d   Grey, Plain [Black] 3 3
D4 2½d   Ultramarine, Plain[Black] 4 4
D5 5d   Purple & Olive-green, Chalky [Black] 5 5
D6 6d   Dull Purple and Bright Purple, Chalky [Black] 6 6
D7 1s   Black on Green paper, Chalky [Red] 7 7
  • The ½d to 6d exist overprinted SPECIMEN in black, the 1s in red

GEI008GEI009GEI010GEI011Mult crown block wmk

Pandanus Trees Watermark: Multiple Crown Block CA
  Paper: Plain
1911 March 1: Perforation: 14 x 14
No. Value   Description Scott SG
D8 ½d   Green 8 8
D9 1d   Red 9 9
D10 2d   Grey 10 10
D11 2½d   Ultramarine 11 11
  • All values exist overprinted SPECIMEN in Black